Slash wheels v1.0 by RookiePlugins

Allow players to slash wheels in your FiveM server.

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This plugin is based on QB script called qb-target (its required)



Player will get the option to slash wheels using third eye while holding knife. (NOTE: Script is fully integratable which means you get to choose which weapons can players use to slash wheels and is configurable in the script itself.)

When slashing the wheel, script checks if the wheel has already been slashed and it checks if you are holding the knife. In both cases there is a popup message that tells you that you are missing an item in this case knife or that wheel has already been slashed. When player meets all the requirements the wheel will be slashed and player’s character will make an animation stabbing the wheel.



  1. Extract
  2. Put bones.lua file into resources….[qb]qb-target….data
  3. Reconfigure bones.lua the way you want
  4. Enjoy!

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