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~ Ox_libs
~ Ox_target
~ ESX Legacy 1.9.2+

~ Chief can access any inventory that has been created so long as they know they name or case number for the locker/evidence storage!
~ Lower rank officers can use this to store personal goods on them or if they go off duty they can leave their weapons in a safe place!
~ Deletion is in there but will not work at this time until i figure a smooth way to delete they inventories! if you have ideas PLEASE let me know!
~ You can use multiple locations with job based menus and rank based chief menus!
~ Each case has a unique id that can be pulled up from anywhere really!

~ Uses OX_libs for context and Dialog
~ Uses OX_Inventory for storage/lockers
~ Uses StateBags for jobs/ranks!

~ Add other job lockers for ambulance or mechanic or anyone configed!
~ Cleaner config with more options
~ multiple peds and if using ox target others can’t target the ped!
~ removed stateBags as it seemed some issues but found a way to remove requirement for 1.9.2
~ will be compatible with older esx versions out of box as it no longer uses state bags and I learned how to check for esx export and if nil use event.

~ it’s known that it seems like the stashs don’t stay. It’s more of an illusion as you will think you are creating a new one but it will open the one already made. Figuring a way to skip that.


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