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  • Key as item with plate of vehicle in description
  • By using item you can lock/unlock your vehicle
  • Starting vehicle with keys automatically
  • Engine stays on if you don’t turn it off (command /engine or by locking your vehicle from outside)
  • Open or start vehicle with lockpick
  • Event for removing keys (for ex. after storing job vehicles)
  • Added file with description how to implement it to your garage script and jobs
  • Buy new keys to any vehicle you own, you can set unlimited places
  • Edit chances of police calls, lockpick, alarm, locations, key price etc. in config file
  • Vehicle Stealing from NPCs – aim your gun on driving NPC, wait for his decision or kill him and take the keys by entering the vehicle

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QBCore / Qbus

(if you using edited framework with different native names, it should work without issue if you rename the events to your framework





3 reviews for [QBCore] Vehicle Key System

  1. Craig Smith (verified owner)

    i dont know how to add this to my garage script so the keys disappear when the vehicle is despawned

    if IsControlJustPressed(0, 38) and not Pressed then — after pressing E with variable Pressed = false
    Pressed = true — just for spamming protection
    local curVeh = GetVehiclePedIsIn(ped) — gets players vehicle
    local plate, varplate = GetVehicleNumberPlateText(curVeh), GetVehicleNumberPlateText(curVeh) — gets plate of vehicle and also gets plate of vehicle again just in different variable
    QBCore.Functions.TriggerCallback(‘qb-garage:server:checkVehicleOwner’, function(owned) — callback for checking ownership
    if owned then
    QBCore.Functions.TriggerCallback(‘qb-vehiclekeys:HasKeys’, function(varplate) — has keys
    if varplate then — got keys with correct plate
    local bodyDamage = math.ceil(GetVehicleBodyHealth(curVeh))
    local engineDamage = math.ceil(GetVehicleEngineHealth(curVeh))
    local totalFuel = exports[‘LegacyFuel’]:GetFuel(curVeh)
    CurrentVehicleData = QBCore.Functions.GetVehicleProperties(curVeh)
    TriggerServerEvent(‘qb-customs:server:SaveVehicleProps’, CurrentVehicleData)
    TriggerServerEvent(‘qb-garage:server:updateVehicleStatus’, totalFuel, engineDamage, bodyDamage, plate, k)
    TriggerServerEvent(‘qb-garage:server:updateVehicleState’, 1, plate, k)
    TriggerServerEvent(‘vehiclemod:server:saveStatus’, plate)
    QBCore.Functions.Notify(“You stored the vehicle into “.. Garages[k].label ..” and handed over the vehicle keys.”, “success”, 7000)
    TriggerServerEvent(‘qb-removekeys’, plate) — removing keys before storing vehicle
    if plate ~= nil then
    OutsideVehicles[plate] = veh
    TriggerServerEvent(‘qb-garages:server:UpdateOutsideVehicles’, OutsideVehicles)
    QBCore.Functions.Notify(“You don’t have vehicle keys of this vehicle.”, “primary”, 4500)
    end, varplate)
    QBCore.Functions.Notify(“You don’t own this vehicle..”, “error”, 3500)
    Pressed = false — protection off
    end, plate)

  2. davidbrsak (verified owner)

    Having also issues with putting the code in the garage script. Could we get some help somehow? i mean we payed for the script i hope the seller answers

  3. kane

    where do i put the garage stuff client or server

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