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:spiral_notepad: Description

Introducing our new CCTV script – the perfect addition to any FiveM server with a player-run dispatch. With this simple surveillance camera script, police and other security jobs can access any camera around the city. Features include the ability to add cameras to existing targets or place them wherever you want, add as many cameras as you need in different categories, and choose whether or not they are rotatable. Our script is optimized for performance and easy to use. Don’t miss out on this essential tool for keeping your city safe and secure!

This is just a simple CCTV Script, that takes inspiration from the police job and adds it into a menu instead of having them in a command.
Preview will be added soon, but it has the almost same feature as my latest Penitentiary Script.

:video_camera: Preview

  • Coming soon

:bookmark_tabs: Features

  • Add camera menu into a existing target or place it wherever you want.
  • Add as many cameras in one of the three categories (Banks, Stores & others)
  • Make them rotatable or not
  • Optimized and easy to use

:lock: Dependencies

  • Frameworks: qb-core
  • Menu: qb-menu
  • Target: qb-target

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