[QB] Farming Job by Gjayz


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Hello this is the script I made it’s free because I’m in mode right now Free :smiley:
This script can be changed and modified but don’t expect much to code because I’m just a beginner at fivem
Easy to Read code :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

  • [Qb-Invetory] for removing & Carry Item
  • [Qb-Target] for targeting Function
  • [Qb-smallresources] for Eating And Consumables
  • [Qb-menu] for Menu
  • [Qb-core] for main Frameworks

Apple, Eggplant, Mango, Orange, Rice, Tomato, Red pepper, Guava and Grapes Farm :slight_smile:

Github: GitHub – QB_Farming_Job
Showcase: showcase – QB_FarmingJob

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