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Fivem – Motel/Hotel Management. Hourly Rental System. Supports MLO and Shells. ESX/QBCORE
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What is this?

A Simple Motel / Hotel System for players with Player Owned Business Motel / Hotel Management.
Player can buy the Motel using money with a configured business price from config and start Managing Rooms, Employees Etc, Send Invoice , Kick Occupants, Change Hour Rates, etc…
Player can rent a Room with a minimum of 1 hour.
Player can request a Keys for sharing purpose and player can access stash, wardrobes and more.


:fire: Features

 Player Motel/Hotel Business Management 🖱️
 Player Options 🖱️
 Hourly Rental System 🖱️
 Configurable Maximum Occupants per room 🖱️
 Configurable Sharable Room Stash (stealable) or Unique per Players 🖱️
 Police can Break in using Gunshot in doors. 🖱️
 Lockpickable Doors 🖱️
 Supports MLO / Shells 🖱️
 Supports Multiple Skin resource for Wardrobes. 🖱️
 Support Targets or Zone Markers 🖱️
 Support Metadata item Keys Sharing 🖱️


Item name



Developers can add other Target/Zones Points for each door.
Ex. Bed System, Shower System.

 Example Config

Item Blacklisting

 Black list config


some features im looking to add in future like Job Owneds


if you need more features or having trouble installing/using. Here


  • 2 Default Shells included in this resource came from qb-interior which is probably owned by Kambi.

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