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Hello everyone, just saw someone try to sell a 50 lines of code for 5 bucks so I decided to make it and post it as a free one. Might get hated for this by many of you but who cares :slight_smile: :joy:

So the script is simply a police incident record script which allows you to record incidents with an item through discord.



  • Item based
  • Discord webhook shows the players name and grade when it uploads a new incident
  • Only players with the job police can use it
  • free…

You can find the clipboard item in the item.lua, you have to paste it into data/items.lua in ox_inventory.
Dont forget to set the webhook on the server.lua!
Sorry, didnt made a config for this code I thought its too simple to have a config for it :slight_smile:
If you have any questions write it down!

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