ESX job level system

ESX Job Leveling System for FiveM

The ESX Job Leveling System is a robust and comprehensive solution designed to enhance your FiveM roleplay server with an immersive job leveling and experience system. This unique system allows players to gain experience and level up within their jobs.

Key Features:

Dynamic Job Leveling and Experience System: This system enables players to accumulate experience and level up within their jobs, fostering a sense of achievement and progression.
Customizable Level Up Rewards: Configure the system to reward players with cash or specific items upon reaching new levels, adding an incentive for players to engage in job-related activities.
Flexible Configuration Options: Easily adjust how much experience is needed for each level, set the maximum level, toggle cash or item rewards, and more. The system is designed to be as flexible as possible to suit your server’s needs.
Multi-language Support: Ready for localization, the system comes with translations in English, Czech, Slovak, Spanish, French, and German. This ensures a more inclusive and accessible gaming experience for your diverse player base.
Admin Commands: Admins are equipped with the ability to add or subtract experience from players using the /addexp command, providing greater control over the game dynamics.

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