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Custom FiveM Server | Playing Blackjack
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[QBCore] Custom FiveM Server

17 customer reviews

Instant Download
Access to private discord for server owners
Server Installation within 24 hours
Lifetime support
High Quality Performance

Test Server: Request IP address on support

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Money Back Guarantee

Our custom server was designed and created to provide you really fast way on how to start your server. The server has everything what quality roleplay server needs to have and will give you a lot of funny moments with your friends for next months if not years.  We update the server on weekly basis and provide immediate support when you encounter any bug. Also we welcome any suggestions on how to get the server better and we will do our best to make them happen for you.

Instant Delivery

Available for download immediately

100% Worry Free Guarantee

30 days support by our team

Server Setup

We setup the server for you

Customer Service

real-time support via live chat and discord

Additional information


Qbus Note: ESX scripts or other frameworks are not compatible. Unless you convert them to this framework.

Max Slots

64 / 128

Multi character system




Last Updated



Free installation if you got VPS/VDS with Windows. Support on our private discord server. Updates for free.

Command List


Gamepad Support


Anti Cheat


Commandbinding System



pma-voice and tokkovoip




Every Week


Detailed Manuals that will help you set up the server and configure it


FiveM Network


Operational System Windows
Processor Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630
Memory 8GB
Storage 15-30GB available space
Patreon FiveM Element Club Argentum
  • for best support, we suggesting to have VPS/VDS (virtual private/dedicated server) with Windows, if you want to have server on game hostings like ZAP, there could be some issues with setup. If you still want to use ZAP expect limited support!!!
  • Patreon is needed for custom clothing and onesync, paid features from fivem.
  • Willingness to learn something new.
  • Patience and time, if you are a newcomer without these qualities, do not even buy it.

17 reviews for [QBCore] Custom FiveM Server

  1. Jay S. (store manager)

    Excellent service and support

  2. Lukas Pedersen

    really cool server

  3. Michael (verified owner)

    I cant lie , I was kindve skeptical at first but this is definatley worth it. Dont hesititate. Join my server if you dont believe it

  4. Alexander Hunstad (verified owner)

    Very Cool Good Support Good Discord Would get it if i was a new server owner and dont know how to dev very helpful

  5. (verified owner)

    the customer support is wonderful in here and well worth the money….the frame work itself and the updates that come with it are unmatched not only through the owners and admins but from the people who have purchased the server as well. They go above and beyond from setting it up, to walking you through the easy and hard things thats included with owning a server. would highly recommend taking ownership of a server like this and trusting the help that comes along with it.

  6. Luis11205 (verified owner)

    I’m going to be honest, I had purchased servers framework from other sellers and I have had bad experience. I did hesitate to purchase with because of that. However I am glad I did, Sheen and his team are great the support you get is like no other. I think sheen doesn’t sleep. Great product, always improving and adding and great support. I only wish I knew about them before purchasing with other broken seller. I have no regrets with I will definitely recommend to purchase. Looking for on any other services they may offer. 100% customer here! Thanks Fivem.Network.

  7. Nas AlBlo (verified owner)

    what do you need for your server?
    A good framework? Check.
    Customer support? Check.
    Bi weekly updated scripts? Check.
    Absolutely a complete package! you wont regret!


    Delivery was very fast, always helpful and very polite! would buy it again

  9. bryon whetzel (verified owner)

    Bought this server thinking they were like all the others.. well the were quick to prove that wrong. Quick to answer questions, quick to install, and always there to help with even the dumbest of questions. I highly recommended this server if you are wanting to start your own FiveM server. 5 Star on Quality, 5 Star on Custom Support, 5 Star on Help Desk, and 5 Star on Updates!

  10. Izbomb504 (verified owner)

    Hands down the best purchase of a server i have ever made. The support from these guys is amazing! Always answers my questions and concerns right away. They even setup my vps and server for me. 100% recommend to buy from them. Ive tried other places and no luck with support. Once i found this site, i made a purchase and from that day i was getting the best service ever!!

  11. wizdomplayz (verified owner)

    great support

  12. $alieri

    Super smooth communication and support from the Dev. team. The server is up to standards! Love the PD car pack. 5* no doubts!

  13. Anthony Lopez (verified owner)

    Great Server!

  14. VxIfly (verified owner)

    Excellent service!! I was skeptical about buying this at first but I’m glad I did 10/10 service even help you out with any questions after purchase. I definitely recommend buying from these

  15. Samual Mizer

    Excellent post, many thanks for this amazing news.!

  16. apek sos

    Great Service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. maghrouri (verified owner)

    Great package and they actually provide support throughout installation and operation. Scripts are good and extendable, this is a good base server if you want to develop your own.

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