Have you ever wanted to start your own FiveM Server but didn’t know how to get started?


Well here is how you can get your server started in one day with little help from FiveM Network

We provide for you prebuild server solution that has all the scripts that the best roleplay server needs in nowadays. The only things you need to do on your end is to have a hosting where you can run the server. We handle the rest from installation, maintenance to updates. Our Goal is to help you grow your FiveM serverĀ  and build stable player base. And Therefor we believe server owners shouldn’t be spending long days focusing on development because every hour spend on development can be rather invested in your community.


Will you help me to add scripts to my server?

Yes, our dedicated team of developers will help you add any script that can be added.


Do I have to pay for future updates?

No, Our server is one time payment only and any futures updates will be available to you for free


How will I be able to access the server after purchase?

After you purchase our custom FiveM server, you will be able to immediately download the server from My Account > Downloads or you can contact us via Live Chat and we will take care of your server installation.


Do you have any questions for you?

Feel free to leave them comment section or contact us through live chat if you like to start your fivem server.

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