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Share your affiliate link to products on FIVEM.NETWORK and earn money from sale.

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Make Money

Earn up to 10% in commission from purchases every time someone buys products on FIVEM.NETWORK

How much can I earn?


Special items

if someone buys product from Servers category via your affiliate link, you’ll earn 10% commission from the purchase


Regular items

if someone buys product from any category via your affiliate link, you’ll earn 5% commission from the purchase

Why to enroll in Affiliate Program?

Earn your share

Every person who uses your link will get a cookie file valid for 24 hours. If they purchase a product on FIVEM.NETWORK within that time, you will get a cut based on a % of the order’s value. The cookie file gets reactivated every time this person visits your link.

You profit every time

You’ll earn commission on every purchase made by the person using your cookie, no matter what product you’re linking to.

Easy Payouts

Payout your earnings to your bank account or spend them on FIVEM.NETWORK marketplace

Track your numbers

With our Affiliate Dashboard you have access to all information to grow and enhance your success

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Affiliate Program work?

Your account has an assigned reflink code. If a user clicks on your reflink, they will get a cookie. If they complete a purchase, your cookie generates profit. Check the details on the Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Do cookies have an expiration date?

Cookies work for 24 hours. Each click on the reflink updates the cookie, so whoever visits your reflinks regularly can generate profits for you each time they make a purchase.

Can I have more than one account?

No, You can have only one account

How to I get my money from Affiliate Program?

Profits from completed transactions go straight to your “Available balance.” There, you can click on “Pay out” and transfer funds to your Bank account or use them in our eshop.

I don't want to be a part of Affiliate Program anymore. How do I leave it?

You can leave at any time. Contact our Support team via email and ask to delete your account. If you still have funds on your account, make sure to pay it out beforehand.

I have a suggestion for Affiliate system improvement. Where can I share it?

We’re happy to hear that! Write us an email with your suggestions at

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