Our missions at fivem.network is to help and provide information for people to start their own FiveM server and create awesome FiveM communities.


We believe that starting FiveM Server should be an easy process and that’s why we’re sharing with you those 5 tips how to start your FiveM Server for free.


1. Identify your player base and what they want

Having at least small player base is important however not necessary. Your player base or buddies will help you a lot and will be the core of your server when you’re just starting out. They will tell you things that you might forgot about and help you manage the server. It’s important to find key people within them and make sure that have the right role on your server as those people will take care of admin roles and key jobs on your server.


2. Finding right hosting provider

When you’re looking for hosting provider you should first make sure where are your players located and how many players will you have when you launch the server and how many players you would like to scale your server to. We advise people to find local hosting provider in most cases as you can get a great hosting offer for really good price.

Not sure how to find the best hosting for you?

Don’t worry, Fell free to contact us on fivem.network and we will be more than happy to find the best hosting for you.


3. Developing your server

Development of your server might be the hardest thing to do especially If you don’t have a lot of experience with coding or you don’t have qualified people to do that for you. When you are developing your server you need to make sure you add things your community wants and needs but spending a lot of time on development when you’re just getting started is not good either. Don’t implement things that doesn’t really have to be there on launch day. You can always add those things in updates and trying to be perfect might just cause that you never launch your server.

I hope you find those tips useful and will help you to start your FiveM server. If you would like to get help with your server development then contact via live chat or through our discord server.

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